Secondary School English Tutoring

Secondary school students in Hong Kong are encouraged to engage in current affairs. Discussing contemporary news is a way for adolescents to practice digesting complex information, asking non-judgmental questions, and leading conversations that avoid conjecture while challenging their thoughts. 



Students at this level are working on higher level English topics, including advanced grammatical structures, syntaxpragmatics, and literature. I work with students on school-assigned literature mostly, but I am also happy to work with them on literary forms outside of their syllabus.

English literature may be divided into 4 forms: nonfictional prose, prose fiction, drama, and poetry. Literary genres, on the other hand, may be divided into two main categories: fiction and nonfiction. Genres that fall under nonfiction literature include narrative nonfiction, essays, and biography; genres of fiction include horror, humor, mythology, mystery, and so on.

Secondary students are preparing for various examinations that culminate their secondary school education. Exams such as the HKDSE, GCSE, GCE A and AS Levels, IB, TOEFLIELTS (and more) influence their route of higher education. I work with students based on their choices and expectations for higher education.

English tuition during secondary school may be seen as a way to consolidate learning and fix knowledge gaps, as a private tutor works with students based on their individual needs. However, it is also important to note that tutoring could also be seen as a way to make sure the student's potential is fully developed, especially if they are inquisitive and show a passion for learning. Enthusiasm for education should be embraced, which often means going beyond the classroom.


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