Primary School English Tutoring


One of the biggest issues in contemporary education is the unbalanced ratio between students and teachers in the average classroom setting.

Classes are large, so overworked teachers generalize their lesson plans to the average learner's level. 

They don't have the time to take into consideration each individual student's learning curve.

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Private tuition allows for knowledge gaps to be remedied before they become big knowledge gaps. Minor issues can be found while they are still easily fixed, helping to reinforce the confidence that students have in themselves, subsequently allowing them to perform at their optimum level in school.



Working with a private tutor on topics outside of their syllabus may help them learn more about what they expect out of their education.

Primary school students will work on grammatical structures and syntax, pronunciation and enunciationpragmaticsreading comprehension, listening, and writing.

I dedicate a bit of time each lesson to simply chat with students and get them used to conversing in English.

Informal dialogue helps to build confidence while piquing interest, and students begin to associate communicating in English with a fun and relaxed state of mind.

Primary six students are often especially anxious for their Form One Interviews, and I conduct mock interview sessions with them to go over commonly asked questions. 


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