Kindergarten English Lessons



Kindergarten students require fun and interactive activities to remain engaged while learning.

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Kids can not just be given worksheets and drills. Monotonous activities will only bore and stress children out, which may lead to building an aversion to learning.

Using multimedia to keep their minds stimulated may help them form positive associations with learning, encouraging them to stay curious and inquisitive. 


In the first lesson, I get to know the child and gauge their level of English understanding. I also assess whether they are a kinesthetic, visual, or auditory learner. This helps me understand their learning style.

I place a heavy emphasis on learning phonics at this age, to build a solid foundation that will help them learn and improve their pronunciation and speaking skills.

I will help your child build spelling, reading, listening, and writing skills through interactive songs, games, and simple task sheets.


Your child will build confidence in their own skills as we work through an assortment of teaching materials, including books and lessons from Cambridge English, Oxford Reading Tree, Ladybird, and Rass Language. I also choose from suitable Youtube videos and iPad games to keep them engaged and having fun.

30- or 45-minute lessons are also available for kindergarten students.


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